Creative Writing Opportunities: Relax Reflect and Remember

Creative Writing Opportunities: Relax Reflect and Remember

Creative writing is the art of making up things which enhances artistic expression. It goes outside the bounds of normal professional, academic or technical forms of writing. The word ‘creative’ is defined in various ways, it’s the ability to create which must be imaginative and productive characterized by expressiveness and originality. Creation means to invent something new. It draws on the imagination to convey meaning.

Both fictional and non-fictional works fall into the category including such as Novel, Biographies, Short stories and poems. In literature, creative writing is more contemporary and process-oriented including its variety of genres.

As we have the author`s viewpoint;

“Creative writing is a composition of anytime primarily in the science of needs, such as expression which contributes to mental and physical health, the need for sharing experience with an interested group and the need for keeping records of significant experience”
–    Paul Witty and Mary Lee Marksberry.

It is the writer’s skill at using various forms of writing that can turn any piece of writing into creative piece of itself. Even when we write fiction, we are dealing with the reality. Fictional doesn`t mean false. It takes our reality or parts of it, and shows it to us in new ways. It makes us familiar with unfamiliar and takes us into parts of reality, letting us take the time to see it’s complexity, beauty and pain. Therefore, when we write creatively it doesn’t matter whether we are writing fiction or non-fiction. What matters is that we are sharing experiences and emotions with the reader and for a while at least, leading them towards a particular point of view and being particular.

There are various ways forms of Creative writing.

  1. Autobiography – It is the written account of a person, where he/she write about themselves entirely.
  2. Novel – It is a long narrative in prose normally, which describes fictional characters and events usually in the form of a sequential story.
  3. Short story – It is the work of literature which uses fictitious events in brief.
  4. Poetry – It uses aesthetics and rhythmic structure. It is very spontaneous in nature and is both long and short.

Some other widely used forms are Creative non-fiction (uses personal and journalistic essays) epic, flash fiction, play-writing; film and television screen writing etc. Some elaborately used commercial forms of creative genres are magazine articles, newspaper feature stories, essays, biographies, advertisements etc. There’s no particular tool or formal training of being a writer but it is universally acknowledged that,


“The more you read, the better you write….”

Further, creative writing is believed to focus student’s self-expression. While it is an educational subject, it is often available at some stages. In the post war era, creative writing has progressively gained prominence in the university setting. In the UK, the first formal creative writing programmed was established as Master Degree at University of East Anglia in 1970, by the Novelist, Malcom Bradbury and Angus Wilson. Hence it concludes ,

“If mind could be honored there, why not imagination?”

One author argued in a Modern Scholar course on creative writing that,

“The job of the writers is to capture the truth about life. We refract it through a fictional lens and put it on the page so that it becomes truth on the page”

–    Jenna Blum, in The Author at Work, 2013.

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Writing is a pleasure giving thing and plays an integral part in human lives. It mirrors freedom of expression rooted with my flavours according to taste of a person. It’s the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions in which writer relax, create and reflect the rest. Creative Writing Opportunities: Relax Reflect and Remember hopes you’ve found this article informative and useful.