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8 Careers For Creative People

Tap Into Your Artistic Side

People with artistic aspirations, whether literary, musical or visual, often hope to apply their talents in their professional endeavors. Although it’s difficult to find secure employment writing novels, performing or painting, there are many solid jobs that require creative thinking.

The following careers for creative people are drawn from the U.S. News & World Report Best Jobs rankings. Data comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Web Developer

Median salary: $67,990

Education required: associate degree

Projected job growth by 2026: 15 percent

Web development is all about design. Web developers translate client goals into attractive sites that work well for the businesses that host them and members of the public that view and use them. While these professionals need sharp technical abilities, they also need creative ideas to make their work stand out.

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Median salary: $47,190

Education required: bachelor’s degree

Projected job growth by 2026: 18 percent

Converting one language to another is the responsibility of interpreters, who deal with speech, and translators, who work with the written word. These professionals strive to convey the true essence of messages and texts, which means they can’t exercise too much poetic license. But getting the phrasing exactly right in order to connect people requires a lot of creative thinking and an appreciation for the nuances of multiple languages. Plus, interpreting during performances or high stakes meetings requires stage presence and a high level of expressiveness.

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High School Teacher

Median salary: $59,170

Education required: bachelor’s degree

Projected job growth by 2026: 8 percent

Some teachers deliver dry recitations of facts in front of yawning teenagers. Others pour their energy into thoughtful, interactive lessons that fire up the imaginations of their students. If you take the latter approach, teaching high school can provide a satisfying outlet for creativity. The profession can be especially meaningful because it provides opportunities to inspire creativity in young people.

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Technical Writer

Median salary: $70,930

Education required: bachelor’s degree

Projected job growth by 2026: 11 percent

Like translators and interpreters, technical writers extract substance and explain meaning, but they work with corporate jargon and scientific texts instead of foreign tongues. These workers use clear language, drawings and charts to enliven dull instruction manuals and transform formal reports into material that’s easily digestible.

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Median salary: $55,640

Education required: bachelor’s degree

Projected job growth by 2026: 15 percent

Convincing people to part with their dollars to support a cause requires a lot of creative thinking. Fundraisers design marketing materials, plan media campaigns and host huge gala events to support the missions of their organizations. They also have to apply their persuasive powers in personal conversations with potential major donors.

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Public Relations Specialist

Median salary: $59,300

Education required: bachelor’s degree

Projected job growth by 2026: 9 percent

Public relations specialists are professional persuaders of a different variety. They work to draw positive attention to their clients, writing press releases, running social media accounts, designing media campaigns and planning events. They may be called on to devise creative ways to minimize damage when bad news breaks.

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Art Director

Median salary: $92,500

Education required: bachelor’s degree

Projected job growth by 2026: 5 percent

Visionary thinkers with an eye for good design, art directors are responsible for the overall style of magazines, movie sets and marketing materials. They use props, photography, graphic illustrations and other elements to set moods and convey information. Art directors often manage teams of workers who are responsible for executing their plans.

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Sound Engineering Technician

Median salary: $55,810

Education required: post-secondary certification

Story Continues

Projected job growth by 2026: 6 percent

The quality of theater productions, music albums and movie dialogue depends on the skills of sound engineering technicians. These workers, also known as audio engineers and sound mixers, operate the equipment and computers that record and reproduce sound during performances, events and studio sessions. They may later combine tracks to create effects.

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